Inverter 4-door stainless steel 460 liter HAIER HRF-460FSS

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Inverter 4-door stainless steel 460 liter HAIER HRF-460FSS

4-Door Luxury Refrigerator The Haier brand is the first refrigerator brand sold in the world according to the EuroMonitor Institute Survey 2015. The innovative design combined with advanced technologies makes the Haier refrigerator a leading product.

Refrigerator features:

The circular and peripheral air circulation system operated by the inverter compressor is economical in electricity and quiet in operation, which distributes cold air uniformly and equally in all areas of the refrigerator for precise and uniform control of the cooling and freezing temperature. In addition to the refrigerator, the Air Curtain system produces an air screen on the front of the refrigerator which prevents hot and humid air from entering the doors.

The refrigerator has two humidifiers that allow accurate preservation of an ideal temperature for keeping food while maintaining an extremely low power consumption.

Ideal storage solutions:
The refrigerator offers large and flexible storage solutions for smart and convenient storage of pots, food products, bottles of water, and more by means of deep and wide storage compartments especially in the refrigerator doors and the freezer doors. In addition to the glass shelves that were sealed across the refrigerator.

Control of the refrigerator is carried out by a digital control panel that allows full control of the temperature direction in the cooling compartment and freezer compartment, including the vacation mode for saving electricity and the possibility of turning one of the freezing cells into a refrigeration unit at the touch of a button.

The fridge has FRESH TURBO filters that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and odors, in addition to ICE MAKER, which produces automatic ice.

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