Gold Line Toaster oven ATL-6685

Gold Line


Toaster oven 85 liter + turbo ATL-6685 2800W

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  • Toaster Oven in a spectacular design designed for heating, cooking and baking.
  • Designed in a practical structure that contains a huge internal volume and enables preparation
  • Number of foods at the same time. A pair of powerful, top + heating elements
  • And turbochargers that provide a fast and effective working rate.
  • Promises great results, rich tastes, crisp and pampering.
  • Four integral operating buttons are easy to use and operate.
  • Adjustable timer up to 60 minutes, allows automatic shutdown as needed.
  • (Turbo) for uniform heat distribution in the internal space and to shorten the cooking and baking time.
  • Internal lighting that provides maximum comfort and efficient and safe monitoring during operation.
  • Mode selector for upper / lower heating / integrated / turbo / off operation.
  • Adjustable temperature switch * 250 * – 100 and automatic thermostat to maintain heat level.
  • Inside, contain several different height shelves and prevent dirt accumulation. NON-STICK walls
  • Wide, heat-insulated handle for maintaining and protecting the glass door when opening.
  • Four elongated legs designed to provide perfect stability and maximum safety.
  • Includes 2 giant enamel molds and a stainless steel mesh for different heating uses.
  • An innovative technology in the structure of the product to height-occupies proportionately smaller marble area.
  • A magnificent finish with a white shell and a black front with a handle made of stainless steel.
  • External dimensions:
             Height: 49 cm
            Width: 68 cm
            Depth: 46 cm
  • Internal dimensions:
             Height: 2 cm
            Width: 50 cm
            Depth: 37 cm
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