Gold Line Air Cooler ATL-488

Gold Line


Gold Line Portable Air Cooler Turbo Breeze Air Model ATL-488

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  • A portable air cooler that operates using innovative technology
  •  Automatic mechanism that distributes water particles on the back of a unique filter system built like honeycomb.
  •  Create pressure that causes the hot air to enter through the filter system and its output in a controlled manner
  • Cold air, cool and clean
  •  Works by circulating water and filters that result in colder air
  • From the current temperature in the room.
  •  Ideal for operating in areas where the temperature is high and the humidity is relatively low.
  •  Purifies the air with an ionization process that removes polluting particles like those present
  • Cigarette smoke, pollen, soot and spray, and enriches the air with negative ions.
  •  Does not dry the air and does not contain gases that may damage the environment and ozone.
  •  The appliance has a special storage mode that allows the device to be stored in half its full size.
  •  A practical design in the color of silver that blends everywhere and does not take up much volume.
  • Can be operated with a Sabbath clock 
  • Supplier: 85 [W]
  • Dimensions: Height: 74 cm, Depth: 27.5 cm, Width: 34 cm
  • Feed cable length: 175 cm
  • Timer Automatically turns off the device for up to 8 hours
  • Huge water tank: 20 liters accompanied by a meter to control the amount of water in the device.
  • Three-speed activation
  • Three operating modes: normal, night and natural.
  • A remote control that works with 2 AAA batteries allowing full control over all the device modes.


  • Gray color
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