Daewoo DDW-M1414 Dishwasher



Daewoo DDW-M1414 Dishwasher 14 place settings

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Cutlery capacity 14 place settings, energy class A ++

From a general point of view: with a standard format , this dishwasher will be installed absolutely at home in any room of your house. Assigned to one use for 14 place settings , this dish washer will take away the task of the dishes by doing for you the rinsing of plates, pots and pans.

From a point of view of its specificities: equipped with the delayed departure, you are able to plan the departure of the machine. This option is particularly useful if you have an electric subscription at off – peak times. But also it has specific programs such as: half load, prewash, intensive wash, normal, auto, economical washing, glass, extra dry, 90 min, fast 30 min.

About its consumption and performance: in use, its sound level is 47 dB. But also with an energy class A ++, this dishwasher is 24 times greedy month than a similar machine of energy class A.

With regard to its dimensions and weight, it has a depth of 62.8 cm, a width of 59.8 cm, a height of 84.5 cm, and a weight of 42.5 kg,

In sum: silver color (e), it will fit perfectly to your furniture.


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